Forget ‘Dry January’ and Other New Year’s Resolutions

“The world is on fire,” said Asia Wong, a clinical social worker and director of counseling and health services at Loyola University in New Orleans. “Why are you trying to lose 20 pounds?” ‘Everywhere you turn, it’s stressful’ Last year, Rebecca Fletcher,

Make a Finger Trap From Newspaper

If you’re not familiar with a finger trap, it’s traditionally a tube woven from bamboo that “traps” the fingers of an unsuspecting person who places them inside. While the origins of the finger trap are debatable, the simplicity and joy of one

Things To Do At Home

Tuesday Immerse yourself in art and music with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s “Art in Tune,” an event that pairs artwork from the museum’s current exhibitions with music. Local musicians will perform pieces, including original compositions, that are in conversation with

U.S. Virus Cases Top 25 Million

Epidemiologists say the true number of infections is probably much higher than the official tallies. Even with much more widespread testing now than in the pandemic’s early months, they say, many people who have never experienced symptoms may not have been tested

In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, But Not Easily

In desperate times, there are many ways to stretch vaccines and speed up inoculation campaigns, according to experts who have done it. Splitting doses, delaying second shots, injecting into the skin instead of the muscle and employing roving vaccination teams have all

The Toll of Fried Foods on Heart Health

Most of us know that a diet rich in fried foods is bad for us. A review of studies quantifies just how bad it can be. In a meta-analysis of 19 studies that included diet and health data on more than 1.2

The Coronavirus Kills Mink. They May Get a Vaccine.

At least two American companies, as well as Russian researchers, are working on coronavirus vaccines for mink. The animals have grown sick and died in large numbers from the virus, which they have also passed back to people in mutated form. Zoetis,

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