The Best Time of Day to Exercise

Is it better for our bodies to work out at certain times of day? A useful new study of exercise timing and metabolic health suggests that, at least for some people, the answer is a qualified yes. The study, which looked at

With All Eyes on Covid-19, Drug-Resistant Infections Crept In

“We saw a blooming in Candida auris,” said Dr. Rubin, who attributed the change to a handful of factors, notably the challenges in testing for the germ when so many testing resources went toward Covid-19. Noxious drug-resistant bacteria are surfacing too, including

Aetna to Expand Coverage for Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Allison Escolastico, a 30-year-old transgender woman, has wanted breast augmentation surgery for a decade. By 2019, she finally thought her insurance company, Aetna, would pay for it, only to find that it considered the procedure cosmetic, not medically necessary, and refused to

7 Podcasts About the Wonders of Science

Starter episode: “Urban Rodentology” The premise behind this decade-old show is simple: We all have science stories to tell, because simply existing in the world means we’re interacting with science all the time. The Story Collider is a nonprofit group founded by

Doctors, Facing Burnout, Turn to Self-Care

Elizabeth M. Goldberg is an associate professor of emergency medicine at Brown University, in Providence, and an emergency room physician. “In March and April there was this sense that you choose either your patients or yourself and it was your expectation to

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