Learning to Listen to Patients’ Stories

The pandemic has been a time of painful social isolation for many. Few places can be as isolating as hospitals, where patients are surrounded by strangers, subject to invasive tests and attached to an assortment of beeping and gurgling machines. How can

Vaccine Hesitancy in Cancer Patients

Ideally, those cancer patients who want the shot could get it at their cancer centers rather than in a mass distribution site. But a bumpy rollout and age restrictions have frustrated many people with cancer. Still, if the shot is offered, Dr.

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Works Well and May Curb Virus Spread

The newly released documents, which include the F.D.A.’s first technical analysis of the company’s 45,000-person clinical trial, presented evidence that the vaccine was safe, with noticeably milder side effects than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and without any reports of severe allergic

Got a Pandemic Puppy? Learn How to Prevent Dog Bites

The bites that require hospitalization and surgical repair are the most serious injuries, such as toddlers bitten in the face and neck, where many critical structures can be damaged, including eyes and ears, and there can be devastating cosmetic damage done as