Poem: waiting on you to die so i can be myself

Two lines keep bringing me back: “i’m waiting for a few folks/i love dearly to die so i can be myself.” In this world filled, sometimes, with more breakdowns than breaks, it feels sometimes an anachronism to hear anybody say they love

Judge John Hodgman on Peeing in the Ocean

Dan writes: Naomi and I were married in June. We love beach vacations, but it bugs me that Naomi is cool with peeing in the ocean. She is mindful of people around her. But I think she knows it bugs me and

Poem: I came to you

When Jean Valentine died on Dec. 29, 2020, America lost one of its most generous poets. Just days ago I was going through the many letters my friends from prison have sent me. And somehow within the mix was a letter from

7 True Stories From Virtual School

I always knew my job was important. Because you’re the first one that kid sees in the morning when he leaves home and the last one in the evening before he gets home. But when Covid-19 hit, I felt really bad because

I Documented Afghanistan’s Post-9/11 Youth

I Documented Afghanistan’s Post-9/11 Youth Kiana HayeriReporting from Herat and Kabul �� Kiana Hayeri for The New York Times I asked them if they’re scared of going back or getting smuggled. Saeed told me: “I faced death twice. What do I have

What Will School Really Look Like This Fall?

For me, as someone whose whole career is based in low-​income communities, it’s scary to look at the data. I know in 20 years, we’re not going to make excuses for the future adults and say, “Oh, but those were Covid kids.”

Ford’s Truck of the Future Looks Pretty Familiar

Advertisements have always told us that by buying one new product, we can improve our lives. Increasingly, though, they’re promising something different. Now they suggest we can buy our way to maintaining the lifestyle we already have, armed with products made from

Dancing Through New York in a Summer of Joy and Grief

For Andrew Avilá, the dancer I met at A Party Called Rosie Perez, one form of movement galvanized the other: Initially paralyzed by pandemic despair, he recovered his desire to dance last summer, when he “marched the whole city” to protest police

How to Learn to Walk Again

“You have to believe, ‘Today is the day I’m going to walk,’ ” says Brady Johnson, a former senior airman for the U.S. Air Force from Belvidere, Ill., who suffered a catastrophic stroke in 2004 during a surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage.

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