The Month New York Woke Up

During the pandemic, one of New York City’s greatest qualities — its delirious density — became a liability. New Yorkers had to adjust to a strange new reality, in which avoiding one another was the safe and responsible choice. But last month,

New York’s Second Chance

NewYorkIsWakingUp.AndGettingASecondChance. A City at the Crossroads By Jonathan Mahler Illustrations by Jorge Colombo On the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 13, Sandra Lindsay, the head of critical-care nursing at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, stopped by work to check on the

Poem: the listening

I keep thinking that G-d says he will bring the fire next time. And I ask, what should a poet talk about? The fire is supposed to be metaphorical. And poets are supposed to fixate on politics and love. Ed Roberson keeps

What Will My Son Remember of This Horrible Year?

Back then he still wasn’t speaking in complete sentences, but he was a big fan of imitating sounds. We would sometimes exhaust our repertory, and then we would move on to invent the laughter and crying of animals. We spent hours imitating

The Disease Detective

Meningitis itself isn’t a disease, just a description meaning that the tissues around the brain and spinal cord have become inflamed. In the United States, bacterial infections can cause meningitis, as can enteroviruses, mumps and herpes simplex. But a high proportion of

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