Poem: ‘There is no news from Auschwitz’

This poem, from Sonia Sanchez’s new “Collected Poems,” first appeared in “Under a Soprano Sky,” a book I ordered while in solitary confinement in a Virginia prison. The first poetry collection I purchased, the book became all the clichés for me: my

How to Think Like a Utopian

“It’s important that you have some idea of where you want to go, some kind of dream,” says Rutger Bregman, 33, a Dutch historian and author who has written about utopian thinking. Don’t underestimate the power of outlandish ideas. Throughout history, many

Don’t Play With Your Kids. Seriously.

My older son recently made a vending machine out of a cardboard box. My daughter created clothing for her Barbies out of paper and tape. My baby went through the hall closet, describing the shoes in a babble that was only one-eighth

How Should My Group Deal With an Unvaccinated Student?

I am not close with her and was stunned when, in a rare conversation, she divulged what she’d done. Our parents have been diligent about masking, distancing and getting vaccinated. When they believed she’d been vaccinated, they allowed her back into their

My Search for My Father. And for Myself.

One day when I was trying to pick up an astronomy book that had slipped out of my backpack, the bully banged my head against the tiles in a bathroom. My mother got very quiet when I told her and asked me

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