How to Write an Obituary

“An obituary should be more about how someone lived versus the fact that they died,” says Victoria Chang, a Los Angeles-based poet and writer who wrote 70 obituary poems in the two weeks after her mother died of pulmonary fibrosis in 2015.

Am I Being Unkind by Rejecting My Father’s Gifts?

I am a biracial young woman whose parents were never married and come from very different cultural backgrounds. My white American mother raised me mainly on her own, with the help of her parents. Because of conflicts and misunderstandings, I had barely

Judge John Hodgman on Gassy Siblings

Annie writes: My boyfriend complains often about his sister’s loud burping. But he has a sensitive gut and produces frequent, loud farts. I do not condemn either action, as they are normal and natural. But when I confronted my boyfriend about his

The Dark Reality Behind Saudi Arabia’s Utopian Dreams

To the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia may look like a quasi-medieval kingdom where women still struggle for basic rights, where bearded clerics run the courts and where convicts are routinely beheaded by sword in public. But the Saudi monarchy —

Who’s Making All Those Scam Calls?

Pointing to my voice recorder on the table, he asked, meekly, “Is this necessary?” When his scam calls were already on YouTube, I countered, how did it matter that I was recording our conversation? “It just makes me nervous,” he said. Shahbaz

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