The New Science on How We Burn Calories

It’s simple, we are often told: All you have to do to maintain a healthy weight is ensure that the number of calories you ingest stays the same as the number of calories you expend. If you take in more calories, or

What Should I Do About My Bird-Killing Cat?

You clearly care about your cat. I say: Why not keep her? PETA, for one, says that “cats can live happy lives indoors.” You have your doubts about how she (and you) will fare if she’s kept in the house. So explore

Judge John Hodgman on the King-Size Bed

Alan writes: My wife and I share a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver. She has always wanted a king-size bed, but our bedroom is too narrow. I suggested we convert our large living room. She says that’s unnatural. But I’d like to treat

The Simple Perfection of Fried Eggs and White Rice

Many cultures have some variation of egg rice. It’s one of those dishes that you don’t really talk about because it’s so basic: fried eggs, white rice and something for seasoning. In South Korea, it’s called gyeran bap, which translates to “egg

It’s Time to Give Enya Another Listen

On the long drives through Ireland that peppered my childhood like bouts of flu, my father played songs from a small a pool of classic albums. Many of these would be familiar to any Irishman from that time. The cheerful ribaldry of

The Tragedy of America’s Rural Schools

Eventually, after the teenagers milled around the parking lot for half an hour, the principal came through screaming. The district didn’t have enough buses to release both the middle and high school students at once, he explained. “Move back to your A-block

Poem: Flight

Sometimes the poem sings when you say it, and then sings more when you say it again. Take these lines: “Forget the years that only grow harder/as the soul recedes in what the years bring.” I hear it and say, “Yes, I’ve