How to Apologize to a Child

“We tell children, ‘Go apologize to your brother,’ but they can learn more by experiencing you apologizing to them,” says Jeremy Ruckstaetter, a professor of counseling at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Mo. When Ruckstaetter started researching apologies in graduate school,

When the Pandemic Came to Sullivan Prison

Afterward, I’d wait for a blockmate working as a porter to wipe down a phone with bleach and water before letting me use it. I’d call my 75-year-old mom in Fort Lauderdale, who’d talk to me about her cat, her Parkinson’s and

How to Befriend an Eagle

“You cultivate this deep bond, but still, your bird could always fly away,” says Lauren McGough, 34, a licensed and permitted falconer, who rehabilitates eagles from her home in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. Eagles come together to mate and nest, but

Judge John Hodgman on Running Out of Underwear

Kate writes: We were without a washer for a few weeks. Rather than buy new underwear, my husband, Steve, pulled out a pair of scissors and invented “short johns.” You take a pair of long johns, snip them off midthigh and then