I Might Be Able to Jump the Vaccine Line. Should I?

My husband works in an industry in which he is considered an essential worker. (Not health care.) I am covered under his employer’s health insurance. The arm of the organization that manages the health plan is, I just found out, negotiating with

Knocking on Two Million Doors in Georgia

Ufot first met Abrams at a New Year’s Day brunch in 2014, after returning to Georgia following stints in the energy industry and with a teacher’s union in Canada. She was impressed by Abrams’s command of statistics but skeptical that her plan

Poem: American Sonnet 18

Wanda Coleman’s work has that ineffable quality that accompanies poetry you understand in your belly and your head. And so when she says, “my delicious dilemma is language,” it makes all the sense in the world that she would invent her own

A New Theory About the Monolith: We’re the Aliens

The desert of southeastern Utah is a wilderness of flat-topped mesas, jutting buttes and plunging canyons. It is a fantastical landscape, the kind of scenery that pulls your thoughts toward things not quite of this earth. Indigenous people from the region have

How My Pet Snake Taught Me to Really See

These were the years of Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules, Lucy Lawless’s Xena and renewed popular interest in Greco-​Roman mythology generally, which became my fourth obsession. My mother recorded their exploits so that on weekends I could watch the demigods play policemen to the