How I Learned to Love Cardboard During the Pandemic

My friends and I were crazy about professional wrestling when we were kids in the ’80s. Body slams. Drop-kicks. Figure-four leg locks. In our yards, we spent hours emulating these moves. Our imaginations supplied the raucous crowd and the pageantry, inserting us

Judge John Hodgman on Dinner Plans

Krisa writes: My friend Ken and I had dinner plans. But after a day at the vet with my sick dog, I texted that I might not be home in time for dinner and attended to Maybelline. Next morning, I awoke to

Poem: Note to Black Women in America

I’ve been reading the poems of Honorée Fanonne Jeffers since I was a boy in prison. And now, more than a score of years later, her verse is still making the same complicated music. It’s hard, truly, to make some things that

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