What Thurgood Marshall Taught Me

When her allotted 15 minutes had elapsed, the plaintiff returned to her seat. Judge Lumbard, who was presiding, turned to the Most Junior Junior Assistant United States attorney and invited him to respond. The Most Junior Junior Assistant stepped to the lectern.

How to Use a Whiteboard

“Nobody is going to write a huge essay on a whiteboard,” says Representative Katie Porter, who was elected in 2018 to represent Orange County, Calif. Videos of Porter pulling out her whiteboard during congressional hearings to question C.E.O.s and government officials regularly

Los Angeles Goes to War With Itself Over Homelessness

Fisher’s standing as an elected representative of the community was under review because some members of the board felt his tactics on behalf of the homeless were too aggressive. It had long been his practice to show up for almost every sanitation

Why Jane Goodall Still Has Hope for Us Humans

Wherever the story of our natural world ultimately lands, Jane Goodall will have earned a proud place in its telling. Goodall, 87, first found fame in the early 1960s for her paradigm-busting work as a primatologist. Studying the chimpanzees of Gombe Stream

Educators, Tell Us Your Pandemic-Recovery Plans

If you are a K-12 teacher or counselor, or are otherwise employed in U.S. schools, we want to hear your thoughts about the year ahead, as you and your students return to the classroom (or don’t). For a special issue this fall,

Poem: Lullaby With Almost All the Answers

When Traci Brimhall wrote, “We all want/to be broken for one another is why,” I believed I understood the poem. Thought I knew something about what this love thing she was getting into was about. But a poem will unravel and reveal

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