‘Buddy’ the beefalo captured after eights months on the lam

An elusive beefalo — a bison, domestic cattle-mix — has been captured after escaping from a western Connecticut slaughterhouse over eight months ago, police said Wednesday. The beefalo, nicknamed “Buddy,” was finally caught by a Plymouth farmer after wandering onto the land

White House to announce Russian sanctions: report

The Biden White House is set to impose sanctions on Russia as retribution for the SolarWinds hack and efforts to meddle in US elections. The penalties would be levied against Russian individuals and entities, and could be announced as soon as Thursday,

North Carolina teacher killed in shootout with Mexican cartel

A North Carolina teacher was gunned down in a shootout with members of a Mexican drug cartel last week, a report said. Barney Harris, who taught and coached basketball at Union Academy in Monroe, and his brother-in-law Steven Stewart, were allegedly trying

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