Funding for victims of Havana syndrome included in draft Defense bill

Funding has been secured in the Department of Defense’s draft appropriations bill to implement the recently passed HAVANA Act and assist victims of mysterious health threats called “Havana syndrome.” On Monday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced she secured the funding to support

North Carolina man ID’ed as one of John Wayne Gacy’s victims

Another of John Wayne Gacy’s victims has finally been identified more than 40 years after dying at the hands of the twisted killer. Francis Wayne Alexander, of North Carolina, was identified through dental and DNA records, law enforcement announced Monday. Alexander’s body

Shooting at Boise, Idaho mall; multiple injuries reported

Shots rang out at a mall in Boise, Idaho Monday, leaving multiple people injured, police said. One person has been taken into custody, according to the Boise Police Department. The department tweeted that it was responding to reports of shots fired at