We Know Very Little About America’s Vaccine Debacle

A few weeks into her part-time job vaccinating nursing home staff members and residents against the coronavirus, Katherine, a pharmacist, noticed a problem: Roughly 15 to 20 vaccines were being thrown away at the end of each vaccination session. That’s because the

Marjorie Taylor Greene Didn’t Come Out of Nowhere

When I was coming of age as a journalist, it was an article of faith — and political science — that female Republican politicians subdued their party’s excesses. It was a measurable phenomenon, even: Republican women voted to the left of their

The Ugly Secrets Behind the Costco Chicken

Probably like many of you, I think of Costco as an enlightened company exemplifying capitalism that works. One ranking listed it as the No. 1 company to work at in terms of pay and benefits — a prime example of a business

Why the U.S. Needs the Romney Family Plan

But there are two reasons for conservatives who supported the Gingrich-era reforms to give Romney’s plan a hearing. First, some of his plan’s incentives clearly cut in favor of work and marriage, not against. One big reason the old welfare system discouraged

Read the Legalese? Nah, Just Click ‘Agree’

To the Editor: Re “It’s Time to Fix the Fine Print” (editorial, Jan. 24): Everyone knows that we have neither read nor understood the terms in service contracts, but we are required to attest that we have. As we mourn the demise

Social Media and a Surveillance Society

To the Editor: Re “The Knowledge Coup,” by Shoshana Zuboff (Sunday Review, Jan. 31): While there’s a whole lot of truth in Dr. Zuboff’s epic take on big data’s “epistemic coup,” her thinking reflects an underlying conviction that people can be cynically

Goodbye to the Cult of SoulCycle

I resisted SoulCycle, the trendy boutique fitness chain, for years. My last indoor cycling experience had been in the 1990s, when spinning was “Spinning,” and my most vivid memories were bruises from the bike seat and an instructor who looked as if

This Climate Deal Is Good for Earth and the Economy

Tucked into the huge omnibus spending package that President Trump signed before leaving office was something out of sync with his administration’s regressive climate agenda: Legislation that authorized a phase-down in the production and use of heat-trapping chemical coolants known as hydrofluorocarbons.

Invasive Insects and Diseases Are Killing Our Forests

Regulating live plants won’t be enough. The emerald ash borer and another destructive invader, the Asian long-horned beetle, hitchhiked to the United States not on live trees but on wooden packaging material used to move freight. The spotted lanternfly is thought to

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