A New Party for Principled Republicans?

To the Editor: Re “Will Trump Force Principled Conservatives to Start Their Own Party? I Hope So,” by Thomas L. Friedman (column, Dec. 23): Your column said it perfectly, Mr. Friedman. I left the Republican Party because of Donald Trump. I wouldn’t

End the Senate Filibuster

To the Editor: Re “‘The Senate Is Broken,’ Udall Says in Farewell” (news article, Dec. 9): Senator Tom Udall said in his farewell address that the filibuster has caused “a deep paralysis.” If even a few Democratic senators refuse to back filibuster

What It Takes to Heal From Covid-19

Over the past year, many of us have watched family and friends recover from the virus that ripped through our bodies. We have seen politicians who mocked mask mandates quickly recover after receiving experimental antibody treatments, even as many people were denied

Vaccines Are Safe, No Matter What Bobby Kennedy Says

I recognize, with some trepidation, that people may wonder why I feel I need to speak out publicly about vaccines and against my uncle. The truth is, his name and platform mean that his views carry weight. After three hours, his Facebook

Your Dog Had the Best Year Ever

The past 10 months have brought us plague, isolation and economic despair. But all that desolation was strangely good news for some people and trends.

120,000 Have Died. The Nursing Home Disaster Continues.

Then private-equity firms might have less incentive to enter this field, and patients and workers would know, once and for all, whether businesses are telling the truth when they say they’re operating on “a razor-thin margin.” To improve residents’ quality of life,

The Year in Charts

If 2019 was the Year of Trump, then 2020 was the Year of Covid-19 and Trump. Only the most devastating pandemic in a century could have bumped our loudmouthed president into second place. That is, until Joe Biden also took him down

My Joe Biden Story

When the hearing was over and the nominee’s defeat on the Senate floor assured, I asked Mr. Biden for an on-the-record interview. We talked for a long time. He said he knew exactly what the doubters had thought of him and that

Mike Pence's Role in the Electoral College Results

The drafters of the Electoral Count Act consciously insisted on this weakened role for the vice president. They guarded against any pretense he might have to throw out a particular state’s votes, saying that the vice president must open “all certificates and

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