Myanmar Needs a New Kind of Democracy

Myanmar needs a fresh path to democracy. Free and fair elections (and respect for the results) are essential. But also essential is the transformation of a society shaped by decades of dictatorship, international isolation, brutal armed conflict, racial and religious discrimination, extreme

A Plan B for Immigration Reform

Even if Democrats manage to eliminate the filibuster and get their immigration reform bill passed with a simple majority, problems will still emerge. Opinion Debate What should the Biden administration prioritize? So, what is our Plan B? “Right now, Democrats have the

They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them.

In 2019, a source came to us with a digital file containing the precise locations of more than 12 million individual smartphones for several months in 2016 and 2017. The data is supposed to be anonymous, but it isn’t. We found celebrities,

It’s Time to Trust China’s and Russia’s Vaccines

So how can these vaccines be made desirable to more of the people who need them? One way would be to subject them to a formal assessment by an international organization with technical expertise. The problem currently is that the World Health

Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows Exactly What She’s Doing

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the QAnon congresswoman, a far-right influencer and gun fanatic who dabbles in anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim bigotry. She endorsed violence against congressional leaders, claimed that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were faked and once shared an anti-refugee video

Abolish the Racist, Sexist Subminimum Wage

The subminimum wage for tipped workers isn’t simply born of racial injustice; it continues to perpetuate both race and gender inequity today. In the mid-1960s, the guaranteed wage for tipped workers was $0 an hour. Today, the federal minimum wage for tipped

What Working in the Oil Industry Taught Me

Jessica and her husband run a farm where they grow and can most of their own vegetables, and butcher and process much of their own meat. She views this not only as part of a tradition passed down by the women of

The Exponential Power of a $15 Wage Floor

Even employers who don’t and never intend to compete for federal contracts will have to compete for workers. Those workers could potentially go earn $15 an hour at a company that does have federal contracts, putting pressure on others to also raise

Pumps and Dumps and Chumps

A pump and dump takes place when an investor or group of investors buy a stock cheaply, then drive its price up by spreading rumors and/or misinformation, letting them unload their shares on naïve chumps — “bag holders” — at a profit.

Biden's Stimulus Plan Is Right to Go Big

Joe Biden ran on unity and bipartisanship. His goal was to restore the soul of America and make Washington work again. His first major proposal was a $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. Ten Republicans countered with a $618 billion plan. They could

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