Who Will Fulfill the Vision of Cesar Chavez?

Eladio Bobadilla was 11 when he moved from Mexico to Delano, where his parents worked in the grape vineyards. Undocumented and frustrated by his lack of options, Mr. Bobadilla almost dropped out of high school; eventually, he became a historian of immigrants’

What’s Wrong With Our Hate Crime Laws?

Produced by ‘The Argument’ Strongly held opinions. Open-minded debates. Only occasional yelling. “The Argument” is a weekly ideas show, hosted by Jane Coaston. This month a gunman killed eight people at three Atlanta-area spas, including six women of Asian descent. Authorities say

The Painful History of the Georgia Voting Law

Seventy-five years ago this July, a World War II veteran named Maceo Snipes reportedly became the first Black man to cast a ballot in his rural Georgia county. The next day, a white man shot him in his front yard, and Mr.

How to Stop Schools That Prey on Veterans

Congress invited predatory for-profit colleges to bleed military veterans of education aid — and give them nothing in return — when it wrote a loophole into rules that govern how federal student aid streams are classified. It comes as welcome news that

A Better Term Than ‘Gun Control’?

To the Editor: Re “Stop It With ‘Gun Control.’ Enough Already” (column, March 28): Frank Bruni is right that the phrase “gun control” is incendiary, unnecessarily getting in the way of the kind of common-sense gun policies that could attract broad bipartisan

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