The Man With the Plan to Beat the Pandemic

[MUSIC PLAYING] ezra klein From New York Times Opinion, I’m Ezra Klein. This is “The Ezra Klein Show.” There are few administrations outside of war time that come in with their definitional task so clear. But the Biden administration, there is no

I Got Covid at Rikers. I’m Still Suffering.

When I arrived on Rikers Island in January 2019 to await trial for an assault charge, I knew it would be dangerous — after all, the women’s jail is notorious for chronic abuse, unsanitary conditions and violence. But what I did not

Clemency for Older Prisoners

To the Editor: “Hard-Hit by Virus, Inmates Struggle to Find Place in Vaccine Line” (front page, Jan. 26) is an insight into the state’s failure to care for this highly vulnerable population. But it does not mention one simple option: clemency for

The Art and Education of Owling

On a recent evening, my 7-year-old son, Theo, asked if I would take him on a safari. We live on a small island off the coast of Maine, where the majority of the roads are gravel and one can step into the

Why GameStop Reminds Mark Cuban of the ’90s

As stock markets boom and online forums like Reddit’s WallStreetBets drive up GameStop shares, Mark Cuban feels like he’s been here before. The “Shark Tank” venture capitalist sold his company to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in the first tech bubble. Now, Mr.

What the Pandemic Revealed About ‘Progressive’ Prosecutors

But she did not provide any data to refute our report’s numbers, and a more recent analysis by the Defender Association of Philadelphia, which provides free legal representation for defendants in criminal cases, found similar ratios months later, after those arrests had

Are GameStop’s ‘Degenerates’ Just Getting Started?

The American financial system has just been disrupted by a mass movement of “autists,” “degenerates” and “retards,” to use their own most frequent self-descriptions. There seem to be half a million active investors among them, although the Reddit forum where they congregate,

The Senate Has Become a Dadaist Nightmare

Even worse is the way budget reconciliation quietly decides which kinds of problems the Senate addresses, and which it ignores, years after year. Both House and Senate Democrats have said that their first bill will be the “For The People Act,” a

Michael Goldhaber, the Cassandra of the Internet Age

The big tech platform debates about online censorship and content moderation? Those are ultimately debates about amplification and attention. Same with the crisis of disinformation. It’s impossible to understand the rise of Donald Trump and the MAGA wing of the far right

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