Britain Has Lost Itself

At long last, it happened. Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Britain completed its exit from the European Union, replacing a close 47-year long relationship with the continent with something far more distant. Now it will have to live through difficult years of

An Empathy Lesson for Teens Amid a Pandemic

To the Editor: Re “I Hate the Mom That Covid Has Made Me” (Op-Ed, Dec. 29): Kristen Howerton does us all a service by monitoring her teens wearing masks in public. She writes about the need for “empathy” for her teenage children.

Casting a Wider Net for Elite School Admission

To the Editor: Re “Elite Schools Don’t Need to be Exclusive” (editorial, Dec. 26): The New York Times is once again trumpeting a misguided and counterproductive solution to the underrepresentation of Black and Latino students in the city’s specialized high schools. Don’t

Starving Children Don’t Cry

The repercussions are endless. The United Nations warns that poverty and disruptions from the pandemic may push 13 million additional girls into child marriages. Disrupted campaigns against female genital mutilation may result in two million more girls enduring genital cutting, the U.N.

Clearing the Wreckage at the Education Department

The departing education secretary, Betsy DeVos, will be remembered as perhaps the most disastrous leader in the Education Department’s history. Her lack of vision has been apparent in a variety of contexts, but never more so than this fall when she told

What Has Feminism Achieved?

As a participant in the women’s movement during the 1970s, I am all too familiar with the hostility aimed at feminism then and now, from many men and from too many women. Sadly, then, many women who agreed on the issues would

This Rescue Moose Was Also 2020

Let’s celebrate the strange and marvelous creatures of Earth while we still can. By Carl Safina and David RothenbergIllustrations by Brendan Wenzel In a year when humans had to confront so much hardship, it was edifying to recall the other-than-humans that came

After Five Centuries, a Native American With Real Power

When she ran for office, her slogan was “Congress has never heard a voice like mine.” Now the person with that voice could soon be overseeing one-fifth of the land in the United States. As interior secretary, her portfolio would include national

Ensuring the Survival of Our Democracy

To the Editor: Re “Our Democracy, Though Resilient, Isn’t Unbreakable,” by Susan D. Hyde and Elizabeth N. Saunders (Op-Ed, Dec. 16): Yes, President Trump tried to break our democracy and turn the United States into an authoritarian state controlled by him. He

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