Biden's Plan to Uncouple the Democrats From Corporations

Mr. Obama, whose policies were more moderate than his lofty campaign rhetoric, sought to reassure the establishment and reconcile with the Clinton wing. He oozed reasonableness, assuring bankers that he was all that stood between them and the pitchforks. Treasury Secretary Timothy

To Understand This Era, You Need to Think in Systems

As a million media theorists have argued, in a few short decades (or, at most, centuries) we’ve moved from information scarcity, the problem that defined most of human history, to information abundance, the problem that defines our present. We know too much,

Putin Isn’t as Strong as He Looks

For the first time in close to a decade, the rule of President Vladimir Putin of Russia may be facing a sustained challenge. Over the past two weekends, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of cities and towns across the

Long-Haul Covid and the Chronic Illness Debate

But the particular case of Lyme disease brings the question to a sharper point, because more than for other chronic conditions, treatment for Lyme has become deeply polarized. There is an official consensus that regards “post-treatment Lyme-disease syndrome” as a problem without

The Republican Argument Against Impeaching Trump Is Dangerous

In any case, the Senate always decides on disqualification after the offender is a “private citizen,” since that is what he becomes upon conviction of an impeachable offense. The Constitution does not even specify that this second vote on disqualfication must be

The Bipartisanship Trap

The low price tag isn’t just inadequate given the scale of the economic and health crises, it’s also unserious given the Republican senators’ alleged desire to cooperate in a bipartisan fashion. Democrats have been clear throughout the pandemic that relief must include

The Economy Does Much Better Under Democrats. Why?

What, then, are the most plausible theories? First, it’s worth rejecting a few unlikely possibilities. Congressional control is not the answer. The pattern holds regardless of which party is running Congress. Deficit spending also doesn’t explain the gap: It is not the

The Story Behind the Myanmar Coup

Myanmar’s decade-long experiment in conditional democracy just ended in a textbook example of a coup — a coup that was a pre-emptive strike. In the early hours of Monday, as the new national Parliament was scheduled to convene for its first session,

A Letter to My Liberal Friends

Yes, homicides have been rising in cities around the country. But those trends themselves owe much to liberal governance in like-minded jurisdictions like Seattle and New York, with their recent emphasis on depolicing, decarceration, defunding, decriminalization and other deluded attempts at criminal-justice

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