The Downside of High Trust in the Military

With the United States military withdrawn from Afghanistan, we are faced with many pressing questions, among them: How and why did we engage in war for so long with so little to show for it? A common explanation blames the American public

Virtual Reality Will Conquer Your Face

It is difficult to avoid sounding vulgar, somehow, when discussing the future of facial computing. There is something inescapably crude, isn’t there, about the prospect of everyone walking around with computers on our faces? And yet I suspect the world may adopt

Our Foster Care System Is Fundamentally Broken

Ending group homes starts by expanding the support we give to families. If we give more and give first to families, kin and communities, we can prevent a lot of youths from having to go through the foster care system at all.

Joe Manchin Is Missing the Big Picture on Spending

The $3.5 trillion plan is jam-packed with thoughtful investments. Take early childhood. There are now entire bodies of work showing huge returns to spending money on high-quality preschool. One study that followed low-income children who were enrolled in high-quality preschool found that

The Sexism That Led to the Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Elizabeth Holmes followed the Silicon Valley playbook to a T. She was focused and ambitious. She had a compelling vision to help humanity with technology for blood tests, and her ambition, she said, was driven by a personal fear of needles. She

Democrats Continue to Struggle With Men of Color

The big headline is that the California recall failed. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom gets to keep his job. He handily fought off the Republican challenge. But there is a worrisome detail in the data, one that keeps showing up, one that Democrats

How Cryptocurrency Can Keep Americans Free

Through its recent legal threat against Coinbase’s new interest-bearing cryptocurrency account program, the Securities and Exchange Commission has created a stir in both finance and tech — two worlds that have always been intertwined, but because of the implications of digital technology

The U.S. Is Winning the War on Poverty

On one hand, a relative measure of poverty might seem silly. If the incomes of the poor double they’re obviously better off, but they would still be regarded as poor on a relative basis if median incomes also doubled. A relative measure

Why Are We Still Going Great Guns?

Let’s take a look at how well Joe Biden is doing with his gun safety agenda. We call this gun safety, people, because “gun control” makes a lot of politicians nervous. And really, what the heck? I’m going to go out on

Rikers Island Is an Endless Catastrophe

Countless words have been written over the years, many by this board, illustrating the barbarity of the jail complex at Rikers Island and demanding its closure. The latest entry came this week, in a tweet thread by a New York State assemblywoman,