Why Tucker Carlson Is Obsessed With Kristen Clarke

He went on to call Ms. Clarke anti-Semitic because she hosted Tony Martin, a controversial Wellesley professor, on Harvard’s campus in 1994. It’s true that his visit offended many Jewish students — Professor Martin was known at the time for promulgating the

Latin America’s Former Presidents Have Way Too Much Power

The problems with delfinismo go beyond intensified polarization by exacerbating political fanaticism and can lead to even greater problems. In Mexico until the 1990s, where presidents essentially handpicked their successors, former presidents typically observed the norm of retiring from politics, granting the

Corporations of the World, Unite!

In the case of challenges to restrictive voting laws, Haigh believes that there is also a possibility that they are behaving with some sense of their moral obligation to society — with integrity. The right to vote could be seen as a

In My Hometown, Opioids Are Still Stealing Lives

HATBORO, Pa. — I’d almost lost my capacity to be shocked by drug overdose. At 28, I’m of Generation Opioid. During high school, prescription pills were as easy to abuse as a learner’s permit. Our reunions take place coffin-side and often. But

These People Should Be Required to Get Vaccinated

The next coronavirus surge seems to be underway. Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are among the states with rising cases, hospitalizations and intensive care occupancy, and hospitalization rates among younger people are increasing nationally. The causes of this pronounced rush of cases

Amazon Does Not Care About the Little Guy

Faced with the prospect of having to treat their workers as employees as a result of a California law, Uber pooled more than $200 million last year with Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates and Instacart to successfully push a ballot initiative known as Prop

Advice on Mammograms

To the Editor: Re “Breast Cancer Centers Urge Early, Annual Scans, Countering U.S. Guidelines” (nytimes.com, April 6): We take issue with an editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine that said frequent screening of younger women for breast cancer can do “more harm than

Coney Island Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

You step off the Q train and the Jamaica Bay wind slaps, sending the salt air cutting through your mask to tickle your nose. You know you’re close. It’s opening day at Coney Island’s Luna Park, the first since the pandemic. It’s