Disabled Americans Are Losing a Lifeline

At a time when the pandemic has hit the disabled and elderly the hardest, they also face the erosion of a critical income lifeline, Supplemental Security Income (S.S.I.). The program has collapsed during the pandemic: From July to November 2020, the Social

How About a Smaller Inauguration?

To the Editor: Re “Rare Pentagon Mission: Armed Troops in Capital” (news article, Jan. 14): We are fighting two threatening wars: Covid-19 and civil unrest. As currently planned, our next president’s inauguration will take place surrounded by heavily armed protection — 20,000

Why Are India’s Farmers Angry?

NEW DELHI — Despite rain and cold, tens of thousands of angry farmers have been camping on the borders of New Delhi for six weeks. In late September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government hurriedly passed a set of new farm laws in

Changing the Internet Law That Lets Twitter Ban Trump

Listen and subscribe to “The Argument” from your mobile device: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | RadioPublic | Stitcher | RSS Feed In this special bonus episode, Jane Coaston makes her hosting debut on “The Argument” to discuss one of

Why Trump Can Be Convicted Even as an Ex-President

That latter clause is the key, because it drives home that the Senate has two decisions to make in impeachment cases: First, it must decide whether an officer should be removed. Then it must decide whether this person should be disqualified from

The Supreme Court After Trump

The answer also matters on a deeper institutional level. Some justices have drifted quite far from their ideological starting points. Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens and David Souter come to mind. All were Republican-appointed justices (by Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and