The 48 Mountains That Held My Grief

On the first day of 2020, my anxiety roared as I approached the summit of Mount Pierce in northern New Hampshire. At about 4,300 feet elevation, the wind was picking up, the visibility dropping to near zero. I was about to turn

My Daughter, TikTok Warrior

On the fourth floor at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., one of the women in Vitals calls my 11-year-old daughter “TikTok.” As in, “Hey, TikTok, what’s happening today?” Then she asks her to get on the scale. It is disarmingly

This Astrologer Has Some Things to Tell Kara Swisher

[MUSIC PLAYING] kara swisher So it’s the last episode of 2020. You want to know how this year made me feel? Powerless. Powerless when my Fox News-watching, quarantine-hating mom showed up for the holidays, possibly bringing a lump of COVID as a

In a Miserable Year, I Had the Dodgers and a Stray Dog

But I discovered that this Mookie was also improbably upbeat and self-confident. He would grab a treat from my hand with an almost savage gusto, then wait for another, his marble eyes staring without blinking or betraying emotion, like a ballplayer at

Will Pence Do the Right Thing?

The drafters of the Electoral Count Act consciously insisted on this weakened role for the vice president. They guarded against any pretense he might have to throw out a particular state’s votes, saying that the vice president must open “all certificates and

An Uncomfortable Seat at the Table

Within minutes of the announcement that President-elect Joe Biden had nominated Representative Deb Haaland of New Mexico as interior secretary, Native social media was celebrating. People in our community who have met Ms. Haaland began posting photos of her at Native events

Joe Biden’s Climate Team Actually Cares About Climate

The people Mr. Biden has named to key posts in the various federal agencies are no less committed, including an economic team led by Brian Deese, who quarterbacked Mr. Obama’s climate program. Jennifer Granholm, a two-term Michigan governor and a champion of