From Reagan to Trump, Denying Facts

To the Editor: Re “When Did Republicans Start Hating Facts?” (column, Dec. 15): The line from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump and our current situation may be even straighter and darker than Paul Krugman paints it. Consider the following core Reagan messages:

Mark Shields Gave Us the Best of Commentary

To the Editor: Thank you, David Brooks, for your lovely tribute to Mark Shields on the occasion of his retirement as a regular analyst on “PBS NewsHour” (“It’s a Pleasure to Really Know Mark Shields,” column, Dec. 18). Your conversations on Friday

What Biden and Harris Owe the Poor

Before he was elected in November, Joe Biden promised that his “theory of change” for reforming the economy would be “ending poverty.” He pledged to champion a $15 minimum wage, affordable health care for all and federal action to address systemic racism.

What’s Your Resolution for the Next Four Years?

The last four years have been divisive and exhausting. But, for many, they were also a call to change what we can control: our own lives. I recently wrote about how Donald Trump became my unlikely #fitspo, getting me to the gym

Trump's Most Disgusting Pardons

Gen. Raymond Odierno, then the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, wrote to Ali’s mother, “In the face of your family’s own personal tragedy, your act of kindness and compassion for grieving American families is truly remarkable.” Until Tuesday, the American system

The Haunting of Tulsa, Okla.

The Tulsa, Okla., police department set the stage for mass murder in the spring of 1921 when it deputized members of a mob that invaded and destroyed the prosperous Black enclave of Greenwood. The armed marauders who swept into the community in

The Coronavirus's New Words

The Cold War’s vocabulary captured the country’s pervading sense of angst. Children were ducking under their desks in classrooms, hands over their heads, to prepare for the threat of a nuclear attack. Teenagers were terrorized by maps that showed the distance radiation

The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus Christ

Jesus must have understood that we human beings battle with exclusion, self-righteousness and arrogance, and have a quick trigger finger when it comes to judging others. Jesus knew how easily we could fall into the trap of turning “the other” — those

How Does an 83-Year-Old Jesuit End Up in Prison?

More striking — and more telling of the attitude of the authorities — was a much shorter document, running to about a page and half, released to the press on Nov. 29. It was issued weeks after Father Swamy’s lawyers went to