Keystone Kops Vaccine Rollout

To the Editor: Re “Older People Who Want Shots Run Into a Tangle of Red Tape” (front page, Jan. 15): Getting an appointment to get the Covid-19 vaccination in New York State involves multiple websites, links and surveys. One has to be

Four Rules That Should Guide Bidenomics

Here we go again. For the second time in 12 years a newly elected Democratic president is inheriting an economy in deep distress. And while it’s hard to focus on such things after last week’s Trumpist putsch, a lot depends on whether

The Consequences of the Capitol Attack

To the Editor: President Trump and the Republicans have raised millions of dollars since the election, peddling their false narrative about voter fraud. Now that their supporters have ransacked the Capitol, they say that the time has come for national healing and

My Grandfather Was a Good Cop. Or Was He?

By 1949, he’s back in Stickney, appointed as a patrolman on the police force. This is also the year he marries my grandmother. The township still has 522 acres of tillable farmland, 27 apple trees bearing fruit. He makes “a career of

Looking Ahead to Trump’s Trial in the Senate

To the Editor: Re “Impeached: Trump, After Inciting Rampage in Capitol, Is First President to Face 2nd Senate Trial” (front page, Jan. 14): Congress had no choice but to impeach the president after his seditious act to incite a riot to overturn

The Chaos in America Is No Gift to Autocrats

China’s global stature has suffered since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, even though the country has fared better than many major states in managing the crisis. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 14 industrialized countries in the

Why Are There So Few Courageous Senators?

Not every Republican senator nearing retirement exhibited Mr. Romney or Mr. McCain’s bravery. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, an octogenarian former presidential candidate himself, voted not only against impeaching Mr. Trump last January, but against even subpoenaing witnesses. Courage cannot be explained by

Deplatforming Trump Could Work. But at What Cost?

But in the final analysis, neither Facebook nor Twitter is an Arby’s; they are points of entry to a de facto public square that is increasingly controlled by a handful of private companies. “Facebook and Twitter have no major rivals in their

An Epidemic of Loneliness, Worsened by Covid

To the Editor: Re “The Fatal Loneliness of Nursing Homes” (editorial, Dec. 30): I applaud you for calling attention to loneliness as a public health issue. Having studied loneliness at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, I am concerned that

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