The Delta Variant's Economic Damage Isn't Over

The American economy has come a long way. It was only 18 months ago when the coronavirus pandemic struck in full force, igniting a devastating recession. But as the recent wave of infections and hospitalizations from the highly contagious Delta variant of

A Tragic U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan

To the Editor: Re “Evidence Disputes U.S. Claim of ISIS Bomb in Kabul Drone Strike” (front page, Sept. 11): Congratulations to The New York Times for proving the impossibility of conducting victimless airstrikes in the middle of crowded cities. While the motivation

Should You Boycott the N.F.L.?

Produced by ‘The Argument’ It’s the start of another N.F.L. season, the time of year Americans turn on their televisions to watch their favorite teams make spectacular plays and their favorite players commit incredible acts of athleticism. But is America’s favorite pastime

Abortion Has Never Just Been About Abortion

Jefferson Cowie, a historian at Vanderbilt, argued in an email that “there are three dimensions to the question of abortion.” The first, he notes, is an obvious and genuine concern for fundamentalist Christian morality among the Southern polity. Some are clearly motivated

These Lives Matter

Batiste, a former gang member, was the subject of a 2017 profile in The Wall Street Journal. “I’ve been a drug dealer, I’ve been a thug, a hustler,” Batiste said. Around the time of his death, he’d been working in his community