If You Were on This App, You Saw the Mob Coming

Listen and subscribe: Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS | How To A mob stormed Washington and Twitter locked the account of a president who helped incite this violence. But Donald Trump and his supporters still have an effectively unregulated safe

I’m Haunted by Daniel Pearl’s Murder

I was still in Pakistan when a Black British man on an airplane tried to light a bomb that was hidden in his shoe, setting off another wave of panic. Mr. Mubashir got a tip that the would-be shoe bomber had been

Impeach and Convict. Right Now.

The legal hucksters, from Rudy Giuliani to Mark Levin, who promoted demonstrably debunkable claims about electoral fraud, are complicit. All of those supposedly sober-minded conservatives who encouraged the president to “pursue his legal options” (knowing full well they were bunk, but with

Trump’s Real Claim to Fame

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare has come true: He’s going to be remembered by history as the Biggest Loser. Think about it. He lost the election. Then he threw his energy into the campaigns of two Senate candidates in Georgia, both of whom

Trump Is to Blame for Capitol Attack

Few have been as explicit as Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who earlier Wednesday suggested, “Let’s have trial by combat!” But even as extremists boiled up around the Capitol, lapping against the security barriers, Republicans in the House and the Senate

Paris by Bike

PARIS — I used to consider the people who biked around this city to be members of a fearless warrior tribe. Mostly men, they dressed for battle in helmets, chain locks and reflective gear. The city’s few cycling lanes were shared with

The ‘Insurrection’ at the Capitol

To the Editor: Re “Mob Storms Capitol, Inflamed by Angry Trump Speech” (nytimes.com, Jan. 6): I am writing this while watching in abject horror a literal insurrection staged by thousands of President Trump’s maniacal supporters who have stormed the Capitol. This violent

Messages in the Democratic Sweep in Georgia

To the Editor: Re “Democrats Capture the Senate as Ossoff Defeats Perdue” (nytimes.com, Jan. 6): Should the Democrats ultimately win both seats in Georgia’s runoff elections, it might do more than give them control of the Senate when they can maintain solidarity

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