Trump Wants to ‘Find’ Votes in Georgia

To the Editor: Re “On Tape, Trump Pushes Georgia to ‘Find’ Votes” (front page, Jan. 4): Is President Trump delusional and does he truly believe that he won the November election? Is he an autocratic leader attempting to stage a coup? Does

It’s Time for America to Reinvest in Public Housing

A return to New Deal-style housing policy could save a new generation from predatory landlords and traumatizing evictions. In the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt created the federal Housing Division, a part of the Public Works Administration. The P.W.A. built

We’re Google Workers, and We Are Forming a Union

Most recently, Timnit Gebru, a leading artificial intelligence researcher and one of the few Black women in her field, said she was fired over her work to fight bias. Her offense? Conducting research that was critical of large-scale AI models and being

Is It Too Late to Impeach Trump Again?

Bret Stephens: Belated happy new year, Gail. I was hoping we could celebrate the arrival of 2021 by never mentioning Donald Trump’s name again, except maybe as a punchline to jokes involving foul-mouthed parrots. But then our friends at The Washington Post

Supreme Leader of Voter Suppression

Regardless of what has happened since the election two months ago, or what may happen in the next few weeks, Joe Biden will almost assuredly be inaugurated the president on Jan. 20, and Donald J. Trump’s official reign of presidential terror will

Britain Has Lost Itself

At long last, it happened. Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Britain completed its exit from the European Union, replacing a close 47-year long relationship with the continent with something far more distant. Now it will have to live through difficult years of

An Empathy Lesson for Teens Amid a Pandemic

To the Editor: Re “I Hate the Mom That Covid Has Made Me” (Op-Ed, Dec. 29): Kristen Howerton does us all a service by monitoring her teens wearing masks in public. She writes about the need for “empathy” for her teenage children.

Casting a Wider Net for Elite School Admission

To the Editor: Re “Elite Schools Don’t Need to be Exclusive” (editorial, Dec. 26): The New York Times is once again trumpeting a misguided and counterproductive solution to the underrepresentation of Black and Latino students in the city’s specialized high schools. Don’t

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