Is Mark Zuckerberg a Man Without Principles?

After leaked internal documents in The Wall Street Journal, whistle-blower testimony on Capitol Hill, a global server outage and drops in share price, Facebook has recently taken (another) spectacular beating. But the veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg says none of it has

How Not to Reform the I.R.S.

Democratic lawmakers plan to boost the Internal Revenue Service’s enforcement authority to help pay for the spending package working through Congress. But while the I.R.S. needs more funding to fulfill its mission, the current version of the reform legislation would run roughshod

The Stock Market’s Gains Could Be Spread More Fairly

Twenty-two years ago this fall, a new book with the provocative title “Dow 36,000” was published to great fanfare — and not a little derision. U.S. stocks had been on fire. The technology and internet boom spurred a wave of day-traders and

Hey Parler, Nashville Isn’t Turning Red

NASHVILLE — When NPR’s tech reporter, Bobby Allyn, tweeted last week that the social media site Parler was moving its headquarters from Nevada to Nashville, a single word came to my mind — a word this newspaper will not publish, no matter

Trump Missed the Part About No Do-Overs

Instead, remind me how you came around to be on the side of Big Spending. Bret: I love your concept of “refraining.” In my perfect world, the federal government would be about one-third the size that it is today and we would

Last Chance to Save American Democracy

Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, has indicated that he plans to schedule a vote for Wednesday to open debate on a new voting rights bill, the Freedom to Vote Act. The bill would set national standards for early voting, expand voting

Ciao, Alitalia

“The Pope’s Airline, Alitalia, to Fly Last Flight” — MarketWatch Alitalia may have had its faults, but how many airlines can claim to have been the “pope’s airline” for over five centuries? According to Flying Pontiff Quarterly, the trade journal that has

My Thoughts on Life After Death

The truth is, no one — not priests, not scientists, not the most ardent atheist, not the most steadfast believer — can be 100 percent certain about what happens to us after we die. Each week at church, when we say the

How Democrats Should Sell Themselves to Avoid Electoral Disaster

To the Editor: Re “Can Democrats Find a Winning Message?” (column, Sunday Review, Oct. 10): Ezra Klein’s discussion of David Shor’s predictions about impending disaster for the Democratic Party in upcoming Senate elections was both fascinating and frustratingly incomplete. For one, he