Finally Making It to Manhattan

But how long will Manhattan rental prices remain where they are, with employers calling workers back to the office, schools resuming in-person classes and vaccinated 20-somethings who spent the last year in their parents’ homes eager to resume their social lives? “You

When Manhattan is Cheaper than Brooklyn

Jeff Godfrey found a nicer rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan for the same price he was paying in Bushwick, Brooklyn. “I lucked out, but I looked at 56 apartments — all in person,” he said. “I’d go to see a place in Lower

Renting Is Cheaper Than Buying, Almost Everywhere

Rent or buy? For those with a choice, there’s a lot to consider. Renting doesn’t tie you down, nor does it require a huge down payment. On the other hand, buying can be a profitable long-term investment with tax benefits. And let’s

New York Rents Appear Close to Bottom

And there are thousands of New Yorkers at risk of losing their homes later this summer, when a statewide eviction moratorium is expected to end. The pandemic drastically deepened debt for low-income renters who were already at risk of eviction. While a

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