Choosing to Be Displaced

More than 400,000 New Yorkers left the city at the beginning of the pandemic. Many have returned; all have re-evaluated their relationship with the city.

The Income Required to Qualify for a Mortgage

In this pandemic economy, homes are scarce and competition for them is fierce, meaning prices are rising even as many Americans have less money to spend. How do you know if you can afford a home in a particular city?’s quarterly

The Most Popular Real Estate Stories of 2020

As with every other aspect of American life in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic dominated the real estate industry this year — wreaking havoc on markets, shattering our ingrained routines and traditions at home, changing the way we move around, and leaving us

The Most Popular Listings of November

The most popular listings on The New York Times’s Find a Home site in November include a pair of super-expensive homes, two sunny, Manhattan apartments, and a smartly designed three-bedroom condo in Montreal, Canada. 5. Cozy Nest on High $530,000 | 410