The Biologist Who Fell to Earth

At 17, Juliane Diller was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon. Fifty years later she still runs Panguana, a research station founded by her parents in Peru.

Once Again, Fossils Are Hot

It is a gem with a living past. The ammonite, formed by millions of years of compression and mineralization, has an opalescent quality, iridescent as prisms of light diffract off its coiled outer shell. More than 70 million years ago, that shell

What Is a Megadrought?

The Western United States is locked in an extreme drought this year that is one of the worst on record. But for a large part of the region the only thing that makes this year different is the severity of the conditions.

A Pill to Treat Covid-19? The U.S. Is Betting on It.

The U.S. government will invest $3.2 billion to develop antiviral pills for Covid-19, the Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday. Such a treatment could keep people out of the hospital and potentially save many lives in the years to

Betelgeuse Merely Burped, Astronomers Conclude

Betelgeuse, to put it most politely, burped. In the autumn of 2019 the star, a red supergiant at the shoulder of the constellation Orion the Hunter, began to dim drastically to less than half its usual brightness, and some astronomers worried —

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