Making New Friends During a Pandemic

This means setting aside time to have conversations about how much friendship you’re looking for — whether a mere running buddy or a BFF — while still allowing for the relationship to evolve. Talking about the Covid-19-related precautions you’re each taking can

Virtual Historic Home Tours

Have you ever had the dream where you take a test that you haven’t studied for? Or the one where you’re caught in a public place in your underwear? Here’s another common one: You open a door in your home and discover

Auto Insurance During a Pandemic

Given the constraints of virus lockdowns and worries over health and safety, the bulk of your automobile use may be from grocery-store runs these days. Regardless of where you have gone in the past nine months, you’ve probably driven less than you

Eating Outside During the Pandemic

Mr. Levitt, who lives in Manhattan, has learned the hard way that his feet become blocks of ice when he sits outside for an hour or more. He’s taken to wearing warm shoes with a few layers of socks, and he and

Do Curfews Slow the Coronavirus?

Maria Polyakova, an economist at Stanford University, has studied the effects of the pandemic on the U.S. economy. “In general,” she said, “we expect that staying at home mechanically slows the pandemic, as it reduces the number of interactions between people.” Updated 

Sharon Begley, a Top Science Journalist, Dies at 64

“I think of Sharon as a quintessential Enlightenment-era figure,” Jon Meacham, a former Newsweek editor in chief, said in an email. “She wrote brilliantly about everything under the sun, and beyond it, from the origins of human life to climate change, from

New Virus Variant May Be Somewhat Deadlier, U.K. Warns

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been expected to trumpet a rare success in the campaign against the coronavirus on Friday: news that Britain had vaccinated 5.4 million people. By the end of the day, it was overtaken by a tentative

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