Missing: One Black Hole With 10 Billion Solar Masses

Two of the knots, they concluded, were probably small galaxies with small internal motions being cannibalized by the big galaxy. Measurements of the third knot had such large error bars that it could not yet be ruled in or out as the

Electric Eels Hunt in Packs, Shocking Prey and Scientists

In August 2012, Douglas Bastos, then a graduate student at Brazil’s Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, was exploring a remote waterway in the Amazon rainforest when he came across a small lake teeming with electric eels. Electric eels, which despite their

A Global Tour of a Record-Hot Year

2020 was effectively tied with 2016 for the hottest year on record, as global warming linked to greenhouse gas emissions showed no signs of letting up. Siberia and the Arctic were among the hottest regions. The heat fueled wildfires that pumped even

Trump Opens Habitat of a Threatened Owl to Timber Harvesting

Conservationists said that assertion was unsupported by the agency’s own evidence. In December, the Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that the northern spotted owl should actually be reclassified, as endangered rather than threatened, but the agency said it would not take steps

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