The Problem With Problem Sharks

“Most of the shark researchers are thinking, not the wrong way, but in an incomplete way,” he said. One of Dr. Clua’s co-authors, John Linnell of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, studies human conflicts with predators on land, and acknowledges that

Seeing Color: A Matter of Nature, or Culture?

The days have turned gray, the future feels black. We’re all seeing red, we’re all feeling blue. Perhaps it’s the isolated colors that are bringing us down; perhaps what we need is a whole spectrum. All the shades of the planet are

Was That a Dropped Call From ET?

Nobody believes it was ET phoning, but radio astronomers admit they don’t have an explanation yet for a beam of radio waves that apparently came from the direction of the star Proxima Centauri. “It’s some sort of technological signal. The question is

How the Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccine Works

In early 2020, the Beijing Institute of Biological Products created an inactivated coronavirus vaccine called BBIBP-CorV. It was later put into clinical trials by the state-owned Chinese company Sinopharm. On Dec. 30, Sinopharm announced that the vaccine had an efficacy of 79.34

U.S. Diet Guidelines Sidestep Scientific Advice to Cut Sugar and Alcohol

Rejecting the advice of its scientific advisers, the federal government has released new dietary recommendations that sound a familiar nutritional refrain, advising Americans to “make every bite count” while dismissing expert recommendations to sharply reduce consumption of sugar and alcoholic beverages. The

Don’t Let the Pandemic Stop Your Shots

Experts fear that vaccination rates may have fallen further during the pandemic, as they have among children, if older people wary of going to doctors’ offices or pharmacies skipped shots. Financial and bureaucratic obstacles also thwart vaccination efforts. Medicare Part B covers