How to Stop Moths? Blickling Hall Tries Bringing in Wasps

Blickling Hall, one of the more than 500 historic castles, houses, parks and monuments maintained by the National Trust, has a large collection of valuable items that the charity is eager to protect. Blickling, a 17th-century red-brick property, sits on the foundations

Million-Year-Old DNA Rewrites the Mammoth Family Tree

Imagine an elephant, but significantly taller and heavier and with longer tusks. That’s the Columbian mammoth, an imposing animal that roamed much of North America during the most recent ice age. When it comes to the mammoth family tree, it has long

Texas Blackouts Hit Minority Neighborhoods Especially Hard

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — When the lights went out Monday night in the Alazán-Apache housing project in San Antonio — which stands in one of the city’s poorest ZIP codes — the traffic signals in the neighborhood flickered off and storekeepers pulled

Norman Golb, Dead Sea Scrolls Contrarian, Is Dead at 92

In 1947, a young Bedouin shepherd stumbled across a cave one mile from the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea and discovered seven weathered parchment scrolls, some containing biblical texts in Hebrew, that dated as far back as 300 years before the

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