Cannibalism May Be Key for These Cockroach Couples

Wood-eating cockroaches aren’t the only creatures that make a meal out of their mates, but their motivations may be unique. “Cannibalism is quite frequent in spiders,” said María José Albo, an evolutionary biologist at the University of the Republic in Uruguay. Among

Millie Hughes-Fulford, NASA Shuttle Scientist, Dies at 75

Her research carried the hope of helping to create treatments to decrease the immunosuppression of T cells, especially among older people. “Millie was joyous about science,” Dr. Carl Grunfeld, associate chief of staff for research and development at the San Francisco VA

Whale Songs Could Reveal Deep Secrets Beneath the Oceans

“For some of us, it’s just been, ‘ugh, these dang whales are in my data,’” Dr. Caplan-Auerbach said. Humpback whales have interrupted her research in the past on Lō‘ihi Seamount, an underwater Hawaiian volcano. “We had tons and tons of whale song,

India and China Use Vaccines as Diplomacy Tools

NEW DELHI — India, the unmatched vaccine manufacturing power, is giving away millions of doses to neighbors friendly and estranged. It is trying to counter China, which has made doling out shots a central plank of its foreign relations. And the United

Semaglutide Brings Significant Weight Loss in Obese Patients

For the first time, a drug has been shown so effective against obesity that patients may dodge many of its worst consequences, including diabetes, researchers reported on Wednesday. The drug, semaglutide, made by Novo Nordisk, already is marketed as a treatment for

How Merck, a Vaccine Titan, Lost the Covid Race

Merck, which was founded in 1891, has been in the vaccine business for more than 100 years, having developed some of the world’s most well-known vaccines, including those for mumps, hepatitis A and chickenpox. In 2019, it was the first company to

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