Goats Don’t Vote

One moment a herd of goats is milling around, casually browsing the scrubby grass. The next, their long ears twitch and their wide golden eyes stare as they trot off purposefully, picking up speed as they appear to rush intently to a

Some Baby Food May Contain Toxic Metals, U.S. Reports

While heavy metals do occur naturally in some grains and vegetables, the amounts may be increased when food manufacturers add other ingredients to baby food, like enzymes and vitamin and mineral mixes that are heavily tainted with metals, the report said. Manufacturers

McKinsey Settles for $573 Million Over Role in Opioid Crisis

McKinsey & Company, the consultant to blue-chip corporations and governments around the world, has agreed to pay $573 million to settle investigations into its role in helping “turbocharge” opioid sales, a rare instance of it being held publicly accountable for its work

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