Emily Morse is Talking Sex to Generation Podcast

Ms. Morse recorded her first podcast episode in the summer of 2005 in her apartment in San Francisco. Until that point, right after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, she had worked in politics and

Enduring Miles and Months Apart to Keep the Love Alive

Ms. Pancochova, a three-time Olympic snowboarder from the Czech Republic, was in the United States training and Ms. Barley, an American, had flown in from Portland, Ore., to visit her. With the United States and Czech borders mutually closed to each other,

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

A FedEx driver hand-crafting soaps. A hairstylist hawking porkless bao buns. A restaurant manager repurposing denim jackets. The dream of turning a hobby in to a Plan B career is almost a cliché of the gig economy, with countless tips published on

Any Advice on What to Wear for Your First Job?

I am a college senior entering a teaching program next year, and I am starting to consider what to wear as a professional. I have long legs, so dresses or skirts can’t be too short, but many of the clothes that are

Love Letter: A Marriage Bent but Not Broken

Since the pandemic hit and lockdowns began, some couples have found that issues they previously swept under the rug have nowhere to hide. After 25 years of marriage (and 25 days sheltering in place), Michelle White’s husband moved out of their home

Influencer Can Unionize in Hollywood with SAG-AFTRA

Social media creators have a new way to join Hollywood’s biggest union. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has approved an “influencer agreement” that expands coverage and membership options to online content creators. (The term influencer is interchangeable

A Tattoo Artist Who Sketched Billie Eilish

Name: Manuela Soto Sosa Age: 30 Hometown: Lausanne, Switzerland Now lives: A one-bedroom loft in a high-rise in Downtown Los Angeles. Claim to fame: Ms. Sosa is a tattoo artist known for her portraits of voluptuous, G-string-clad young women, called Soto Girls,

The Most Popular Pet Name of the Century (Maybe)

Americans naming their pets Princess is as reliable as death and taxes — at least according to a survey of pet names from the oldest continually operating pet cemetery in the United States. That resting place is Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, in Hartsdale,

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