Lo admito: adoro los peluches

Bishan, atónito, me gritó como si hubiera olvidado a nuestro hijo. Corrimos de vuelta al templo mientras él murmuraba de manera sombría que era imposible encontrar a Nozy en un complejo tan grande y lleno de niños en edad escolar. Volvimos a

What Should Happen to Our Data When We Die?

The new Anthony Bourdain documentary, “Roadrunner,” is one of many projects dedicated to the larger-than-life chef, writer and television personality. But the film has drawn outsize attention, in part because of its subtle reliance on artificial intelligence technology. Using several hours of

Hat Etiquette:

Hats are one of my favorite ways to accessorize, from retro Audrey Hepburn or Princess Diana styles to the baseball caps in the Louis Vuitton Resort 2022 collection. But I’m fuzzy on hat etiquette (when is it appropriate to wear one indoors?)

What to Do This Weekend.

Welcome. If it’s tomato season where you are, it’s a good weekend to make Melissa Clark’s easy tomato sandwich, which she recommends eating over the sink (to catch the juices). In fact, we’ve got a whole slew of tomato recipes to put

Love Letter: Redefining a Long-Term Hookup

Although the allure of a casual encounter often hangs on the notion of a carefree entanglement, there are actually some rules when it comes to hooking up. Top of the list is keeping your involvement brief. When Sheila Ongwae, the writer of

It’s Opening Day at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau

Even before the Manhattan Marriage Bureau in Lower Manhattan reopened on Friday for the first time since closing 15 months ago because of the pandemic, the team manager there, Michael McSweeney, said he expected “a decent-size, noisy crowd.” “My team has been

Are Fitness Buffs Going Back to the Gym?

The 5:30 a.m. alarm to hit the spin class. The interminable waits for the ab-crunch machine. The masses of sweating bodies huffing and puffing just feet away, followed by the hurried shower and the wet-haired hustle to the office before the boss

Did You See What the Liberian Olympic Team Is Wearing?

How Liberia changed Olympic fashion — with a little help from a Brooklyn designer. Doug Mills/The New York Times Even before arriving in Tokyo, the Liberian Olympic team was already winning. How did they come out on top? Ask Telfar Clemens. Click

The Life-Changing Trip to the Principal’s Office

Mason McDowell went to a Wichita, Kan., job fair in March 2020 expecting his hands to get sweaty and his throat to go dry for the usual reasons. The competition was considerable, and he hoped to walk out with an offer to