They Had Some Experience With Wedding Planning

In August 2019, Anna Freimuth, the daughter of Matthew Freimuth, was unofficially wed to one of her stuffed animals, a plush pink dog that has no name. Mr. Freimuth and his then-boyfriend, Adam Rogers, performed the ceremony, which was held on the

Slow and Steady to the Altar

Connor May originally planned to propose to Kaitlin Brown, his girlfriend of three years at the time, after they had finished swimming 1.2 miles, cycling 56 miles and running 13.1 miles together. Competing in a half-Ironman triathlon, he thought, would be an

Love at First Photo Sighting

“She just brought this new level of love and comfort,” said Mr. Scotland, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received a master’s degree in urban planning from N.Y.U. Mr. Scotland, who moved into Ms. Giniger’s Brooklyn apartment in February 2018,

An iMessage Almost Cost Them an ‘I Do’

Five years ago, the trajectories of Elizabeth Svokos and Kervin Ray Briones Morales’s lives were almost altered by a tech glitch. It was mid-2016, and the two had been connected by a mutual friend. They started text messaging to plan a date.

She Heard His Voice and Found Her Soul Mate

Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano said their intimate wedding with four guests on June 5 was “elegant and powerful.” Equally special was the ceremony a day after, attended by thousands on the social media app Clubhouse, where their closest confidants gather. The