Finding Art Miles Away From the Expected

About four years ago I followed an emailed invitation to an art gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, not entirely expecting to find curious, provocative, contemporary work in that neighborhood, but I did. Now I return regularly to find that art again and

Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Remove My Wedding Ring’

Negotiating Separation Outside the Chicago airport the cold creeps up my coat, stiffening my spine as I hug my husband. We haven’t been apart for over a year. I board the plane alone because Nick isn’t vaccinated. At immigration in Harare, I

How Plagues Shape the Landscape

From cholera to AIDS, epidemics have given rise to landmarks around the world, be they sculptures, churches or feats of engineering. In this dire moment, their histories resonate.

A Perfectly Imperfect House in Miami

When Nicolai Bezsonoff and Constanza Collarte decided to move to Miami in 2010, it wasn’t just to establish a new home in a new place — it was to build a life together after years of long-distance romance. Although both had previously

Can I Wear a Vintage Fur?

While I consider it completely outdated and also immoral to purchase products using animal fur, the fact remains that I have many fur coats in my closet, all left to me by my mother or aunt. They are very beautiful and in

Jay-Z Sells Half of Ace of Spades Champagne to LVMH

When Jay-Z clicked into a video call last week with Philippe Schaus, the chief executive of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton’s drinks business, the Zoom backgrounds told the story. Jay-Z spoke from a partly covered terrace of his Los Angeles home, wearing

Hello, Brains! A Life Spent Helping Others Understand A.D.H.D. Online

Jessica McCabe, creator of the YouTube channel “How To A.D.H.D.,” is not a doctor or medical professional. At 38, she’s had a variety of professions including stand-up comedian, actor and restaurant server. Through all those years, how Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder works

How to Stream This Year’s Oscar Hopefuls

In a typical Academy Awards season, many top contenders are playing only in a few theaters when the nominations are announced. But like much of our lives these today, the way we watch movies has been upended. This year, most of the

Old-Time Radio: 6 Shows to Listen To

In the image and video cacophony of our world, there’s an old-fashioned medium that rouses and works with our own powers of imagination, one that suits these cooped-up inner-world days of ours. It’s radio drama, especially from its golden age, in the

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