Seriously? He Gets an Early Vaccine?

Many years ago, my sister married a young politician whose views are very different from hers and mine. I talked to her about it; she said they were good at compartmentalizing. Over time, his positions grew worse. He spent last year, for

Fuzzy Slippers for a Frazzled Year

Once upon a time, slippers were reserved for the hours spent indoors before and after work. But for the masses working from home this year, dress codes have been transformed — business casual, who? — including footwear. Farewell, heels; hello, fuzzy slides.

Working From Bed Is Actually Great

Those with chronic illness or disabilities say that they hope that, much as the way the pandemic has made companies more open to remote work, the stigma around working from bed will also be broken. “I hope one of the things that

Meet Bill Butler, the Godfather of Roller Disco

When Grace Jones was strutting around Studio 54 and Donna Summer records were playing at New York clubs, Empire Rollerdrome was hitting its stride in Brooklyn. It was the end of the 1970s, disco fever was in full swing, and crowds of

Pierre Cardin: He Dressed Jane Jetson and Lady Gaga

1. He had the right name. The Italian-born Frenchman Pierre Cardin’s surname was perhaps the first French word that many Americans could easily pronounce. People with no inkling of how to utter designer names like Givenchy, with its suppressed “g,” and the

Andy Cohen is Really Ready to Ring in 2021

If it sounds ridiculous that the face of Bravo seriously aspires to one day host a presidential debate, consider Mr. Cohen’s uncanny ability to shape-shift. Some people find him pernicious and manipulative; others think he’s hopelessly corny. He’s like the Macarena in

One Way to Avoid Other Guests? Book the Entire Hotel

Larger hotels and resorts are also getting in the game. Groups who can fill a minimum of 70 suites can take over Casa Velas, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for $49,420 a night. The new “Tower Takeover” (price upon request) at the Hilton

Hilaria Baldwin Talks Spain, Boston, Alec and Instagram

Ms. Baldwin first visited Spain with her parents when she was a baby, she said, and she went at least yearly thereafter. She declined to explain in detail how frequently they traveled there or how long they stayed. “I think it would

Tiny Love Stories: ‘Like Looking Into a Mirror’

Back in the Rhythm of Conversation My 14-year-old, Vedant, dwells in a dungeon (i.e. basement) under my bedroom. Through the muffled cadence of his voice, I deduce if he’s in virtual school or playing an online game. Thrice a day, he comes