The Soothing, Digital Rooms of YouTube

Picture this: You’re in the Hogwarts library. Rain falls outside, a fire crackles across the room, and somewhere offscreen, quills scribble on parchment. You might look up from time to time to see a book drifting through the air or stepladders moving

Do Men Self-Care?

The beauty industry is now all about “wellness.” What does that mean for men?

Lessons From a Homebody

In a video titled “Vlog That Makes You Want to Clean,” the South Korean YouTube creator Kim Sang-mi shows viewers how to tackle windowsill grime with a pair of chopsticks and a cleaning cloth, and how to disinfect the home using a

Clubhouse, a Tiny Audio Chat App, Breaks Through

SAN FRANCISCO — Robert Van Winkle, who is better known as the rapper Vanilla Ice, held court online last week with more than 1,000 fans. In a rambling conversation, Mr. Van Winkle praised the poses of the 1990s band Bell Biv DeVoe

Sharing Unexpected Acts of Kindness

Has this happened to you? You’re going about your day, minding your business. Then you suddenly spot a caring interaction that lifts your spirits, like a couple embracing or a stranger lending a hand to another. These days, the world could use

Flower Petal Poem Game

In Victorian England, flowers were sometimes used as a form of coded communication to express feelings that could not be spoken aloud. Each bloom was said to have a specific meaning — for example, daisies conveyed innocence, while tulips were a declaration

Podcasts to Listen to If You're Single on Valentine's Day

It is a brutal time to be single — even before Valentine’s Day showed up. The spontaneous whimsy of a regular dating life has been replaced by rolling restrictions, questionable adherence to social-distance protocols and a whole new meaning to “getting tested.”

Ways to Enjoy Theater Virtually

In another time, the highly anticipated spring season of Broadway would be beginning. Performers would be dropping their scripts, fans would be planning their show schedules and reviewers would be sharpening their pencils. Sadly, Broadway and many theaters around the world are

Things To Do At Home

Here is a sampling of the week’s events and how to tune in (all times are Eastern). Note that events are subject to change after publication. Monday Listen to a conversation between the authors Russell Banks, Major Jackson and Alice McDermott, as

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