A Matchmaker App to Connect Artists and Collectors

LONDON — The art-world equivalent of a dating app: that’s the idea behind a subscription-based service set to debut here on July 31 that aims to connect artists with collectors — without charging a commission. Stacie McCormick, an American-born artist and gallery

What to Know About Apple and China

What to Know About Apple and China Jack NicasInvestigating 🍎 and 🇨🇳 Apple said that it follows the laws of the countries in which it does business, even though it doesn’t always agree with them. Apple added that it does everything it

China Isn’t the Issue. Big Tech Is.

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. We need to have a vigorous debate about what Americans might gain or lose if government officials succeed in forcing changes to technology services

F.C.C. Proposes More Restrictions on Chinese Telecom Equipment

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed further restrictions on purchases of telecommunications equipment that pose national security risks, strengthening its opposition to Chinese providers of 5G wireless and other technologies. The F.C.C. voted unanimously to explore the proposal to ban U.S.

Mattel Joins the NFT Frenzy With Hot Wheels Digital Art

Move over, Nyan Cat. Mattel is the latest creator to jump on the hottest craze in cryptocurrency as it puts its first digital art featuring its Hot Wheels vehicles up for sale. On Tuesday, the toymaker will offer three pieces of digital

Amazon Is Brilliant. Why Not at H.R.?

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. We’ve heard a lot of debate about whether work at an Amazon warehouse should be considered a good job or a bad one. My

Google to Open Physical Store in New York

Five years ago, Google started making its own smartphones and voice-assisted speakers. Now, Google has a store to sell them in. The company is set to open its first-ever physical store on Thursday on the ground floor of its Manhattan headquarters in

Can Streaming Pay? Musicians Are Pinning Fresh Hopes on Twitch.

BEING A SUCCESSFUL music livestreamer, however, is hard work. Travis and Allie of Aeseaes (pronounced “A.C.S.,” an abbreviation of their channel name: a_couple_streams) quit their office jobs five years ago to focus on Twitch. Unlike many who use it for behind-the-scenes glimpses

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