When Did Spotify Wrapped Get So Chatty?

“In 2021 you did what you had to do.” “You always understood the assignment.” “You deserve a playlist as long as your skincare routine.” No, these phrases were not uttered by a TikTok star or a cool mom. Instead, they are idioms

What Happened to Amazon’s Bookstore?

A 2011 thriller was supposed to cost $15. One merchant listed it at $987, with a 17th-century publication date. That’s what happens in a marketplace where third-party sellers run wild.

Top Emojis of 2021

The pandemic has affected nearly all aspects of modern life, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat to how we spend our time. There is one thing, however, that has remained almost unchanged: the emojis we send. According to

Facebook and Twitter Remove Accounts Connected to China

Twitter and Facebook said they have removed thousands of accounts connected to Chinese information campaigns, in the latest sign of Beijing’s ambitions to shape the global narrative around the country. In a notice posted early Thursday, Twitter said that it took action

Big Tech ‘Amplification’: What Does That Mean?

Lawmakers have spent years investigating how hate speech, misinformation and bullying on social media sites can lead to real-world harm. Increasingly, they have pointed a finger at the algorithms powering sites like Facebook and Twitter, the software that decides what content users

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