Biden Pledges to Speed Flow of Vaccines to the States

WASHINGTON — President Biden, under intense pressure to speed up the pace of coronavirus vaccination, said Tuesday that his administration was nearing a deal with two manufacturers that would enable 300 million Americans to have their shots by the end of the

Who Are House Managers in Trump's Impeachment Trial

Dive into the background of the nine impeachment managers Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to present the case to the Senate in the second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump, and a common thread will emerge: deep experience in the law.

Capitol Police Detail Failures During Pro-Trump Assault

In testimony prepared for her video appearance before the House Appropriations Committee, Chief Pittman also suggested that officers were underequipped for the violence they faced and did not have easy access to the additional supplies of chemical sprays and other substances they

Biden Administration Orders 200 Million More Vaccine Doses

new video loaded: Biden Administration Orders 200 Million More Vaccine Doses transcript Back transcript Biden Administration Orders 200 Million More Vaccine Doses President Biden announced on Tuesday that his administration was working on a deal to secure the doses of coronavirus vaccine

Cabinet Picks: Comparing Biden and Trump’s First Teams

WASHINGTON — Among the most urgent tasks a new president faces is assembling a core group of advisers to serve in the cabinet. Donald J. Trump valued deal makers and personal wealth and demanded loyalty. In doing so, he created a cabinet

Harris Receives Second Vaccine Dose

Vice President Kamala Harris received her second dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., saying the vaccine is “something that can save your life.”

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today

Variants halt travel worldwide Countries across the world are tightening their borders as they attempt to seal themselves off from the threat of more resilient and contagious variants of the virus. In Europe, France is moving to impose strict border measures, Britain

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