What Do Gamers Wear?

Video games entered mainstream culture decades ago, but these days, gamers are more like celebrities, with millions of fans online. That means, among other things, that the days of gamers wearing jorts and oversize T-shirts are long past. Esports athletes and streamers

Tornado Hits Alabama City

A tornado barreled through a northern suburb of Birmingham, Ala., late Monday night, killing at least one person, collapsing buildings and trapping people in their homes.

What to Know About California’s Reopening, Again

Good morning. On Monday, California officials lifted the state’s regional stay-at-home order, clearing the way for outdoor dining to reopen, for barbers to start inviting customers back into their chairs and for residents to visit their loved ones — as long as

CBS Suspends Two Executives Accused of Racist and Sexist Conduct

CBS has placed two top TV executives on leave after a report detailing accusations that they had created a hostile work environment, including making disparaging remarks about female and Black employees. The executives, Peter Dunn, the president of CBS television stations, and

The Covid Fight Gets More Challenging

Biden and the states confront a fast-morphing virus, while Republicans have already started looking to 2022. It’s Tuesday, and this is your politics tip sheet. Sign up here to get On Politics in your inbox every weekday. The House impeachment managers walked

How Travel Restrictions Work

Want to get The Morning by email? Here’s the sign-up. Good morning. Travel restrictions have been one of the most effective pandemic responses — if they’re strict. One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic has been the success of travel restrictions

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