‘Charming’ Prince George met Sir David Attenborough – ‘Certainly very interested!’


The broadcaster, natural historian and author arrived at Kensington Palace to meet the young royals in the garden and share his knowledge and excitement with them about the natural world. 

The Queen and Attenborough are long-standing friends, and he is also close with Prince William through their shared desire to protect the environment which has led to them working together on William’s Earthshot Prize. 

Prince William had interviewed Sir David at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland where Attenborough warned of the need for humanity to act fast, so they did not “annihilate part of the natural world”.

When Prince George met David Attenborough, he was gifted a giant shark tooth that was found by David during a holiday to Malta in the 1960s.

The tooth was embedded in soft yellow limestone that was laid down about 23 million years ago in the Miocene period.

The tooth came from the extinct Carcharocles megalodon which was one of the most feared predators of the sea which was believed to be 15 metres in length which is double the length of a great white shark.

The Prince was captivated by his new gift as he was pictured holding it looking inquisitively at the ancient fossil while everyone else was occupied with the screening and the photographs.

Attenborough commented on the day with the children saying: “When I was his age, I remember being given fossils by a grown up, so I thought I would do the same.”

“George asked, ‘What was it? How big it was?’ and so on. He was certainly very interested. He seemed to like it. 

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The first time the young Prince was heard speaking in public was in May 2019 in a video released by Kensington Palace.

The video featured Prince George and Prince William celebrating their visit to the Chelsea Flower Show where they visited the RHS ‘Back to Nature’ garden that was designed by the Duchess of Cambridge.

The garden was inspired by childhood memories and centred around the idea of family and the creation of memories.

The tree house was the centrepiece for the garden but there was also a swing seat, waterfall, hollow log to climb on and a stream with the chance to paddle in and have fun.

In the film, George and his siblings are playing in the garden when William asks George to rate his mum’s creation out of ten.

George eagerly replied: “Twenty out of ten.”

“That’s pretty good, I think mummy’s done well,” William replied.


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