Chilling anti-vaxxer 'army' vows to wage 'war' and target schools and volunteer centres


The group, called Alpha Men Assemble, is threatening to target vaccine centres, schools and the police. The “volunteers” associated with the group have been drilled by former members of the Armed Forces. A Daily Mail reporter infiltrated the group’s preparations at a park in Staffordshire.

The reporter cited that those involved in the group were mostly middle-aged and white males.

Those assembled in the park in Staffordshire called for direct action against the Government over coronavirus restrictions.

One member of the group, who is reportedly a former Royal Fusilier, called on those who had assembled to “take it to the Old Bill”.

This was a warning to the Government and Mr Glass said the planned protests were “not for the faint-hearted”.

Around 100 activists were urged to ‘hit vaccine centres, schools, headteachers, colleges, councillors and directors of public health in every area’.

Alpha Men Assemble has more than 7,000 subscribers on the encrypted Telegram social media app.

The Daily Mail reporter who conducted the investigation found that: “Army veterans are training scores of volunteers on marching formations and kickboxing to ensure volunteers are ‘professionally’ prepared for direct action.

“The organiser, a local man named Paul, ran our reporter through boxing drills ‘should it be needed’ on any protests.

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“He also claimed to have a list of ‘600 coppers that are criminal paedophiles, run their own brothels, and gather at masonic lodges’”.

The Daily Mail reported that one drill instructor at the Alpha Men Assemble meeting declared that volunteers were fighting “a global war” against governments.

The local Alpha Men Assemble chief organiser, called Paul, said “an Alpha Male isn’t about what you look like, it’s about your backbone, your inner strength and heart”.

According to the Daily Mail, the one woman who was present at the meeting, called Sam Goody, stated: “We need to hit the vaccine centres.

“We need to hit the schools, headteachers, colleges, councillors, police, directors of public health in every area.

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“None of us are going to take the ****ing jab and none of our families are.”

Recent posts on Alpha Men Assemble’s Telegram channel were concerning.

One post said: “I hope you have a fire in your belly.

“Time for action.

“No more ****ing about.”

Another post read: “A message to the police.

“If you pepper spray us, smash us with your battens, threaten us in any way we will defend ourselves, end of, just remember this: we outnumber you.”


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