Cleaning tip: Lynsey Crombie's six 'simple tasks' to do daily to keep on top of housework


Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean, told her over 250k followers her six must-do cleaning jobs everyday. She says the “simple tasks” will keep you on top of your cleaning.

Another wrote: “Do little bits often so nothing ever builds up it just makes our life easier this way.

“I love to leave the house all tidy and clean every morning so when I get home from work I can get on with other things.”

Lynsey is the best-selling author behind The 15-Minute Clean.

She claims you can keep your house clean and tidy by spending just 15 minutes a day.

“Some people add a dry tea towel but I tried this and it didn’t work so experimented with a really wet one and the difference was amazing.”

Fans responded to the suggestions in the comments. One wrote: “Ooh the wet tea towel is an interesting one!”

“The wet towel one is interesting. I’ll give it a go,” another said.

Another said: “Saw this tip somewhere years ago.

“I fold large items like bedsheets and towels before putting them in. They tangle far less; therefore dry quicker.”


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