‘Concerned’ Scott Morrison blasts China over lack of stance on Russia – ‘Denounce it’


He said: “We denounce it. The United States denounces it.

“Peace-loving, free nations all around the world are denouncing it.

“Those who do not denounce the violence that Russia is threatening Ukraine with, well, that leaves me very concerned.

“The Chinese government is yet to denounce those threats of violence and I urge them to do so.

“They seek to play, they say, a positive role in global peace.

“Well, they could immediately denounce the threats of violence.

“An invasion of Ukraine is of course imminent, and I hope that does not occur.

“But I think what we are seeing leads us to fear the worst.” 

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There is also concern about a conflict in eastern Ukraine after pro-Russian separatists in the Lugansk People’s Republic claim they were attacked by the Ukrainian military.

NATO and the US have warned that this could be used as a pretext for Russian military involvement.


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