Corbyn losing in 2019 was 'lucky escape for UK' amid Ukraine crisis, says ex-Labour MP


Writing for the Telegraph, Former Minister of State for Transport Tom Harris blasted Brits who stated Jeremy Corbyn would have been a better Premier after reports of alleged Covid parties in No 10 were revealed. The 58-year-old ex Labour MP stated former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn losing the election in 2019 was “a lucky escape”.

Mr Harris, who headed vote-leave in Scotland, wrote: “Now, there are no doubt those of Boris Johnson’s critics who regard the above scenario as preferable to, or at least the equivalence of, a couple of legally dubious parties in the Downing Street garden.

“As the scale of Russian aggression and anti-democratic actions become more apparent, however, Britons should be careful.

“December 2019 represented a lucky escape for our country, whatever you may think of the victor that night or since.

“The installation of Corbyn in Number 10 would not just have been disastrous for Britain; far worse than that, it would have been an undeserved, key victory for Putin and his mafiocracy in Moscow.

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He said: “All guidance was followed completely.”

Despite the ongoing scandal, Mr Harris has said the current crisis in Ukraine has shed light on Mr Johnson’s leadership.

He wrote: “Those of us who switched from Labour to the Conservatives in order to prevent the election of a Jeremy Corbyn-led Government are frequently challenged, post-Partygate, to renounce our sins, invited to concede that a Government led by the veteran Left-winger, however disastrous, would still have been preferable to the current one led by Boris Johnson.

“I beg to differ.

“As if the politics gods are always on the lookout for a way to remind us of our past decisions, we now have the Ukrainian crisis and an opportunity to consider, once again, the political instincts and loyalties of the man elected twice as leader of the Labour Party.”


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