'Correct time and again!' Britons back Farage over 'sell-out' Johnson after Express chat


The former leader of Reform UK and the Brexit Party responded to questions from Express.co.uk readers who were concerned over the ongoing Brexit negotiations. Readers asked who is to blame for fact Brexit is yet to be fully delivered by the Government.

Mr Farage blamed Boris Johnson’s team arguing the Prime Minister is “barely conservative”.

He added that he was pleased to know Jacob Rees-Mogg, “a genuine Brexiteer”, has been put in charge of promoting the benefits of Brexit, wishing him well in his new position.

Express.co.uk readers flocked the website to thank Mr Farage and back him, pledging to vote for his party at the next general elections.

Reader CR2 said: “Nigel used to say things – and after time, I thought – yes, everything he says about the EU has proven to be right…

“At first I thought he was like a lot of politicians who just said stuff…but he proved to be correct time & time again…love him, or ate him, the guy is always on the ball.”

Hitting out at the EU, reader PT19 wrote: “The EU is well on the way to destroying itself happily.

“Completely bankrupt due to club med, the eastern countries loathing Germany and France (as they always have anyway) and now the real truth of the Brussels bunglers federal farce being demonstrated to the world by their contemptibly feeble response to the events in the Ukraine on their own doorstep.

“They are not a state, not a world power and not worthy of any respect at all. They’re just a flabby litigious rule making body run by third grade regional bureaucrats and politicians who have failed in their own countries yet get vaunted to extravagant boardrooms in Brussels from whence they presume to dictate political policy to national politicians who really have been elected.

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Reader CasalocoRTGP echoed: “The remainers never went away sadly, and are still desperately trying to reverse Brexit.

“Not because it would be good for the country, but simply because they cannot accept they were wrong.

“Many of them built their entire persona and sense of self worth around the issue. Being ‘remain’ in their eyes made them ‘superior’ to all the leave voters.”

And reader Duderuffian added: “Until the good people of the UK stop electing the same rubbish, absolutely nothing will change..LIB LAB CON are not fit for purpose..Vote Reform UK.

Many readers encouraged voters to choose Reform UK at the next election.

Reader As above added: “Mr Farage, a Patriotic Gentleman who stood UP to be counted when needed. Cheers for Brexit!”


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