Covid surge sees Brits living in EU BANNED from driving through France to get home from UK

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Eurotunnel has issued an “urgent update for British residents in the EU” on its website and Twitter page. The statement reads: “Following a French Government decision, on 28/12/2021, unless they hold French residency, British citizens are now considered 3rd country citizens and can no longer transit France by road to reach their country of residence in the EU.”

On December 18, Emmanuel Macron’s Government tightened restrictions on travel from the UK following a surge in the Omicron variant in Britain.

It means France now only allows travel from the UK for what it deems “compelling reasons”.

The latest travel guidance from France states “nationals of the European Union or equivalent,” as well as their partners and children, “who have their main residence in France or who join, in transit through France, their main residence in a country of the European Union” are considered to have a compelling reason for travelling from the UK through France.

The French Government is yet to make an official announcement about the latest change in rules.

But the travel document and statement from Eurotunnel says the ban does not apply to British people living in France, or people from the UK that also hold an EU passport through dual nationality.

However, it still applies to British citizens living outside France in the EU.


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