‘Creaking at the seams’ Brexit anger as motorists told to ‘get used to’ Dover travel chaos


Passport checks by French authorities are now being carried out on the British side of the channel but according to reports, officials are stopping to check and stamp every passport.

According to Sky News’ Simon Calder: “Port of Dover and DFDS Ferries have been saying that this is perhaps more of a Brexit issue.

“French passport control at Dover has to stamp everybody’s passport and check everybody out as a result of Brexit.

“There’s also custom checks and so on and so actually this is the biggest exodus we’ve seen since a) the coronavirus pandemic and b) since Brexit and it seems the system is creaking at the seams.

“P&O [Ferries] not helping but actually this is maybe something we have to get used to in terms of being checked when going across from Dover to Calais.”

On Twitter, some social media users believed the situation at Dover was likely to get worse.

One user, Allen Paterson, wrote: “Yep had my passport stamped on the way out to and back from France this week.

“A colleague’s passport was not stamped on the way out and caused a hold up in the queue on the way back in, so plenty of opportunities for this to get worse not better…

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One user, conner davies, wrote: “Absolute bo*s I travelled to France 2 weeks ago and there were no issues.

“It was the same as before Brexit. The fact that a stamp is required due to Brexit causing this is a bit desperate.

“More likely more staff are needed on the booths they are never fully manned ever.”

Another, Mikael Tuompo, wrote: “Not surprising. More isolation, more borders, more bureaucracy, more in-efficiency….more delays.”

A third user, Masty419, wrote: “If it’s going to be such a hassle don’t holiday in the EU.”


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