Cycling POLL: Should cyclists across Britain face 20mph speed limits?


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has proposed tougher rules for cyclists to close a loophole that allowed bike riders to break speed limits and overtake cars in low-speed zones. This week, he said: “Somewhere where cyclists are actually not breaking the law is when they speed, and that cannot be right, so I absolutely propose extending speed limit restrictions to cyclists.

“I don’t want to stop people from getting on their bike, it’s a fantastic way to travel, and we’ve seen a big explosion of cycling during Covid and since.” 

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, he added: “But I see no reason why cyclists should break the road laws and be able to get away with it.” 

Speed limits on roads currently only apply to motor vehicles and their drivers, and despite local authorities having the power to impose cycle speed limits, this has rarely been done.

The estimated average speed on a bike is reportedly between 10 and 14 mph.

Speed limits for bike riders would be introduced as part of a series of new road laws, which aim to create equality between drivers and cyclists.

Mr Shapps is also looking to introduce mandatory third-party insurance for riders.

This comes after he pledged to create a “death by dangerous cycling” law to increase imprisonment and ensure cyclists who kill pedestrians are treated the same as motorists.

A new Transport Bill is due to be put before the House of Commons in the autumn.

Mr Shapps hopes that any successor, should he lose his position in Cabinet under the next Prime Minister, continues with the review.

So what do YOU think? Should bikes across Britain face 20mph speed limits? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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